About Us

The New England Collective is a group of New England based designers and artisans creating gorgeous items across a range of media.  We are aiming to bring a new type of retail to Armidale through promoting local start-ups and creative alike.

The Collective came about after many conversations between our little group who were all keen to expand their market , however as individuals it was impossible to open a retail space, as a collective it became possible. For us the concept only works as a group.

We know the New England is a creative hub for artists, makers and small business start-ups and we are keen to extend the opportunity to other New England associated people who are in this position.

There has been a huge resurgence in the desire to purchase local and handmade products. We believe this is not a fad and more a movement. To this end we created The New England Collective and went in search of a space and are now seeking expressions of interest from other like-minded individuals.

Currently we have two partners in the business.  Debbie Cartledge from Pinotcat Designs and Tracy Wright from Raw Fibre.  As the business has grown, we have looked for new opportunists to support creatives from further afield and now have makers from all over NSW and QLD.  We have also pushed into the eco market and provide a range of products for those looking for alternatives to the change their lifestyle to be more environmentally aware.

Debbie Cartledge – Pinotcat Designs

From the moment I started playing with clay I loved it. All clay designs are 100% from me and made by me, no two pieces are ever the same. I am obsessed with colour and pattern and I have recently been incorporating other media into my pieces.   Clay gives me the opportunity to be creative and at the same time I find it so relaxing.  I am always expanding my range currently producing a lot of earrings however in the future hope to produce a bigger range of accessories.

What’s in a name: (everyone asks!) Pinotcat designs came from naming one of my cats Pinot, after my favourite wine Pinot Noir - hence Pintocat Designs! 

Tracy Wright – Raw Fibre

Raw Fibre was founded in 2016 and is focused on challenging the trend of fast fashion by producing a range of women’s from beautiful natural fibres.  All garments are currently made locally using fibres such as wool, linen, cotton and silk.

Tracy’s focus on the use of the finest quality fabrics and yarns has been well supported by women in the New England and beyond with the business continuing to grow.

Raw Fibre’s garments reflect their clients – women who are passionate about quality and timeless fashion. The designs are classics with a modern touch and will not date.