Little Echidna - Horse Bit Plate

Little Echidna - Horse Bit Plate

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You'll find this gorgeous enamel plate set indispensable both at home and on the go. They're great for taking with you glamping or on picnics as they're so lightweight, beautiful and durable, plus they're great options for kids dining at home. Great gift idea!


  • Materials: enamel
  • Matching tumblers available 
  • Ideal for dinning at home, camping, festivals or picnics in the park
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for microwave use
  • Please note - whilst enamel is extremely durable if dropped on hard surfaces such as tiles, cement and bricks it may chip.
  • Only available as a single item


  • Overall: 22cm Diameter

    Born and bred on a property in the Dumaresq Valley in Northern New England and sent off to boarding school – I have enjoyed (like most country kids) the best of both worlds.  Now married and raising three beautiful children I decided a country life was the best place to be. 

    One of my vivid memories of growing up on my parent’s property was an old burnt down house a long walk up the bush, my brother, sister and cousins all used to trek up there quite regularly with wildlife and snakes scurrying all around us as we happily chattered all the way.  There was not much left of the old house but a pile of half melted and broken plates, cups, vases and bottles and then there was the enamel mugs, plates, wash bowls and pitchers discarded in another pile which looked like the old wash room with its cement basin.  This enamel was still beautifully intact a little banged and blackened but still perfectly usable.  I have been looking at alternatives to using plastic and glass having young kids and then I remember the pile of enamel in the old house and wandered why it is only used for camping these days.  That’s when Little Echidna Home was born, beautifully designed, quality enamelwear for everyday use.  No plastic, practically unbreakable and so very beautiful and durable.