Paddock Pantry - Flakey Cream

Paddock Pantry - Flakey Cream

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Local Maker: Paddock Pantry.

Heads, elbows, knees and toes itchy flaky skin can happen just about anywhere, so we formulated this cream from the beautiful heartsease flowers and leaves, calming lemon balm and soothing lambs ear. Heartsease has a long traditional use in eczema, cradle cap and mild, dry skin conditions.


Always test on a small area of skin first to determine personal sensitivity. Use a clean finger to apply and don’t double dip! Look after your creams and they will look after your little ones.

Creams are not designed for broken skin. If symptoms persist see your healthcare provider as skin conditions are often a sign of an internal imbalance.

Ingredients: Purified water; Glycerine; Olive oil-based emulsifying wax; Extra virgin Olive oil; Macadamia nut oil; Cocoa butter; extracts of Wild Pansy, Chickweed. Aloe vera, Lemon balm and Stachys; essential oils of Sweet Orange and Geranium; Naticide preservative.