Trims and Things - Handmade Teddy Bear - Darcy

Trims and Things - Handmade Teddy Bear - Darcy

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Gorgeous Lovingly Handmade Teddy Bear

Approx 28cm tall

Trims & Things founders, Leanne and Sandra, are self-confessed craft queens who credit their Mum for giving them a taste of all things crafty as they were growing up in country Northern NSW, Australia. "It was normal for Mum to be up all hours the night before a mufti day or a school disco making us new outfits. She would look at a picture of some clothing that we liked, draft a pattern and somehow magically whip up a new dress or skirt for us," says Sandra.

The Trims & Things concept came to the sisters in 2012 when Sandra was keen to start some kind of business together. "We didn't know what this future business would be, but started to explore our options. Our shared passion was for beautiful papers, ribbons, tags and wraps so it soon became obvious how we could make a business out of something we both swoon over," says Leanne

And so began Trims & Things, a place for people who want to bring a touch of beauty, creativity and fun to their everyday lives.

We’re so excited to be doing something we absolutely love and we hope you’ll love it too